Cylinder preparation and platemaking

Our department for the production of printing formes is one of the most up to date in the market. With 3 CDI machines and 2 direct laser engraving machines we can solve virtually any task. 2-shift operation and 2 washing lines ensure a stable and safe operation.

With photopolymer plates, laser engraved polymer, EPDM clichés, Fast In The Round sleeves and laser engraved EPDM sleeves we produce many varied printing formes with ease. Our production of Fast In The Round sleeves is the first commercial chemical-free installation in the world for sleeves.

Our machinery handles the HD technique, HD screening, and various micro-cell structures in combination with our Digiflow system. Digiflow is lighting in a hermetically closed chamber filled with nitrogen, in which the top of the printable part is controlled. We utilize the best of both Flattop- and Roundtop dot technology.