hl-repro, your ideal partner for complete graphic solutions. We ensure high quality through stability, high quality service and continuous, open dialogue regarding your graphic needs.

We have our own design and photo studio, which enables us to offer full service solutions. You can of course also seek our qualified assistance with any part of the process that you need.


We design packaging solutions that sell! We offer full new, or completion of existing, designs with a constant focus on artworks and images of the highest quality. Our specialist graphic employees tailor each reprographic solution to the selected printing method, printing form and material.


We know the importance of proofs that match the finished print exactly. Therefore, we ensure the highest quality proofs with Kodak Approval and GMG.

Plates & Sleeves

Our production equipment and skilled staff provide every customer with the best service and quality. Full co-operation between our departments ensures we always deliver the perfect graphic product.


We provide virtually all types of stereotypes for flexo packaging solutions.


We produce plates and print-ready plate mounting on foil. We manufacture the digital grid on our plotter, after which the manufactured placed plates are mounted precisely on the foil.


We produce everything from design, prepress to plate or prepress to file, ready for print. 

Photo studio & design

We photograph groceries, packaging, and a variety of other objects in our well-equipped photo studio. We also handle final treatment and preparation of photos for any kind of print.

3D & Mock-ups

We save our customers a lot of time and resources by presenting the final print as either a 3D model or a mock-up before going to print.


We offer a wide range of communication and solutions online.

Web center

We offer a web-based management tool for all tasks that require proof reading.

Large format print

Our subsidiary Koma-Graphic are experts in POS materials, digital printing in large formats and more.


Some types of packaging are printed on preformed substrates, such as cups, tubes, pails, beverage and aerosol cans.

Dry-offset is the ideal solution for this kind of packaging. Our Dry-offset experts have years of experience with this special kind of printing technique. Our expertise makes it possible to print photographic images with Dry-offset.